The Effect of Facebook “Likes” on your Search Rankings

Do You "Like"?For the last 20 days I’ve been running a little test here on my site (in case you were wondering why there were two “Reputation Management” pages displaying in the navigation) on the effect of Facebook “Likes” on search rankings.

For this case study I was specifically interested in two things:

1 – Are Facebook “Likes” enough to get a new page indexed in the search engines? (State of Search says “NO”)

2 – If I perform identical SEO methods (link building strategies) to the two pages, what will happen?

Normally it would be pretty hard to run a case study like this in a very controlled environment, but since this site is literally brand spanking new at the time of writing this, it provides the perfect test bed for something along these lines.

You’ll notice on one of the pages that it has well over 200 “Likes” (and no I won’t be explaining exactly how I did that, just know that I have my ways).  The other page has zero “Likes”.

I’ve setup my rank tracking software to track for the term “Reputation Management” for those pages to see when the pages first get indexed. From there, I’ll be able to monitor the ranking positions.

So far, after 20 days of tracking, both pages remain un-indexed.  I think it’s fairly safe to assume at this point that Facebook “Likes” alone are not enough to get something indexed.  What remains to be seen is wether or not the “Likes” will help the page rank higher when identical SEO tactics are applied.

Part 2 of the case study begins today. I’ve setup a system to create 2,000 random forum profile links, which will be split between the two pages equally. Now, these aren’t exactly the quality links I would normally choose for SEO work (for clients, or myself), but they’re generally pretty good for getting things indexed which is why I ultimately chose these certain style of links.

I figure I would give this setup a run for the next couple days and see what happens. Worst case, I may need to do a little more quality link building. Best case, it’ll work and I’ll report back the findings.

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