Update to Case Study on Facebook “Likes”

Update to the Case StudyA little update to the previous post on the effect of Facebook “Likes” on search rankings

After hitting both pages with 2000+ low quality profile links, and waiting just over 2 weeks… nothing has changed.

This is good and bad.

It’s good because it shows that low quality profile links are (no longer) enough to get a new page indexed.  I used to use an automated system to create these low quality links, because they were great for getting higher quality links and/or even new pages on my websites indexed and ranked fairly quickly.  Apparently that no longer works.

It’s bad news because it means I just wasted 2 weeks of time!

So now what?

Time to build some quality links to the pages and see what happens.  Stay tuned…

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2 thoughts on “Update to Case Study on Facebook “Likes”

  1. Jeff Post author

    Follow up – after hitting each page with several thousand random blog comment links, and waiting another few weeks to see what would happen… I was surprised to find the following:

    Neither of the 2 pages rank for the target term.

    But, the home page jumped from nowhere to #36 (at time of writing this).

    So, to sum all this up into some main takeaways:
    1 – FB likes apparently have no effect on indexing.
    2 – FB likes apparently have no effect on ranking.
    3 – Hitting subpages of your site with a back link campaign can increase rankings for the site as a whole.


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